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About the Union




Presiding Board

Volodin Alexey Nickolayevich
Krikunova Valeriya Viktorovna
Lebedev Alexey Valerianovich

Managing Director

Shaptsev Pavel Serafimovich

Director for Business Development

Banykin Pavel Vladimirovich


Goals and plans

The priority for the newly established UIEA is to develop and improve the loss adjusting practice in Russia and EEU countries.

The UIEA will also focus on development of educational programs and holding of thematic workshops and conferences. Jointly with colleagues from insurance and adjusting companies, the Association will develop an insurance adjuster study guide.

In addition, there are plans to establish the UIEA-based competence center, including the laboratory block and consisting of lawyers and other relevant professionals, to provide assistance and consulting to any insurance party. There are also plans to establish an arbitration tribunal to resolve any insurance disputes in the most effective and competent manner.