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Our work

The UIEA makes every effort to improve and develop the loss adjusting practice in Russia

The UIEA makes every effort to improve and develop the loss adjusting practice in Russia through extensive thematic workshops, conferences and roundtables. The experts of the UIEA members have regularly published their articles and analytics in appropriate professional periodicals; in the nearest future the UIEA plans to develop an insurance adjuster study guide jointly with international experts and colleagues.

The UIEA looks forward to cooperation with authorities, which are responsible for enforcing the government policies in the field of insurance, and other professional associations, in order to attain the established goals.

The insurance claims handling process involves a great number of professional consultants such as engineers, builders, lawyers, financial forensic experts, fire experts, etc. The UIEA members have a wide experience in cooperation with professional consultants / experts in various fields of activity. The UIEA is ready to help in choosing a dedicated expert for a party involved in claim handling. The UIEA members will preliminarily check and confirm business reputation and competency of all recommended experts.

The UIEA members are organizations representing the world’s biggest loss adjusting companies in Russia. These organizations are staffed with the best qualified insurance experts and adjusters. In case of necessity, the Association members may consider jointly any dispute arising from claim handling and requiring an authoritative opinion, as well as may give advice or review a report made by invited surveyor or adjuster.

Since the UIEA is a non-profit organization, all remunerations obtained for services rendered are solely channeled to achieve statutory purposes.